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A Submarine from a Tintin comic album in 1/48 scale

Letís do some recycling. I brought out an old 1/72 scale Messerschmitt 262 built in the 1960-70th and decided to start on something I have had on my mind for some time.
(Model finished 2007)

I started by cutting off everything protruding from the body and then filled the blemishes.

I added some plastic card and an Arado Ar 240 canopy

in a hope to finish it up as a submarine from the Tintin comics.

I needed a break from my normal modelling. (To be honest, I stole the idea from a French modelling site).

I now have all parts ready for assembly.
Milou (or Snowy) made of clay and Milliput. Likeness could be better, and he is to big but I think the submarine will help telling who he is.

Tintin in the works, it is an 1/48 scale pilot that is reworked.

I made a simple dashboard. I don't expect much to be visible through the canopy.
Some work on the bottom has also been done.

Finally, the two heroes painted and in the cockpit. Time to put the different parts together.

I have put almost all parts together. A fin on the canopy and the propeller is still missing. Milou/Snowy is to large as mentioned earlier but I had problems making him this large (or small. He is around 15mm or 9/16 inch high). The sub is primed with Mr Surfacer 500 and ready to be painted.

Well the submarine is now painted. Something that started as a 1/72 scale aircraft wreck is now a 1/48 scale submarine from a comic book. But I can't understand where all the dust is coming from that now is stuck on the inside of the canopy. All that is needed is to fix it to a base.

Initially I decided to put it on brass tubes and try to hide them with plants.
But when I tried that, it didn't come out right. I had thoughts of adding more things to the base to make it look like a sea bed but decided to keep it simple just displaying the drift wood.

On the empty space in front of the submarine I added a sign from the front cover of the comic album and call it done.
It has been fun, and it was a quick build. Only two weeks has gone since it started from an 1/72 aircraft wreck.

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