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Toon Tanks

M4A3 Sherman

A couple of years ago I bought some Toon Tanks and was going to build them out of the box but I never got around to them. One was a M4A1 Sherman.
(Model finished 2020)

After have seen several Sherman's built I felt like doing something different to it. I took a spare 1/72 hull top and removed plastic at three points as I needed a different angle at the front and rear and it needed to be shorter.

Now the hull has more scars than the Frankenstein monster but I will be able to hide many of them.

But the shape is coming along.

Wooden planks on the hull sides and 1/35 scale track links on the turret. As one of the rubber band tracks broke I decided to use the resin tracks instead.

Started to paint the Sherman but then the mojo went away.

I just needed to paint the tracks when it went to sleep

But it got finished as an Iwo Jima tank at last.


The other one I had bought was a T-34/76
(Model finished 2020)

My first thought was to make a T-34/85 from it, then I thought about a SU-100 but in the end I decided to go out of the box.

I managed to get some paint on the T-34 as well.

Then it laid idle for a long time before I decided that I should finish it.

A Panther that IS pink

Even though I like eggplanes I wasn't going to build a Panther tank but....
(Model finished 2020)

OK. I have to confess that the idea isn't mine. I stole it from a build at the IPMS Stockholm forum.

I just had to build it as the idea was so much better than the one I had for a 1/72 kit. But the original build look better than mine.

Stockholm October 08, 2020 No updates
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