The 72 scale page

I feel that the smaller scales are loosing ground in favour to the 1/35 scale armour and 1/48
scale planes. This could be the future for the 1/700 scale shipmodelling as well, but for the
moment I don't see any immediate cause to worry. But the 1/350 scale is rapidly growing....

Since my main interest is armour and planes in 1/72 (1/76 armour to) Ive choosen the name
for this page according to this, but small ships may also be present in the future.

This is an swedish APC called Tgb m/42B SKPF. It has its orgins in
the 1940th, and was built on Scania and Volvo chassis, an Volvo would
have the suffix VKPF.

There is an external differenc between the Volvo and the Scania.
The winch is placed on the left side on the Scania
(which is visible on this photo).
Tgb means crosscountry vehicle/terrainvehicle,
KP stands for armoured body and the F was the anti aircraft mgs.

The model depicts an vehicle used by swedish UN-troops
in Kongo in the early 1960th. Later on when the peacekeeping
mission turned in to an regular war, the vehicles was camouflaged.

In Sweden the vehicles was called: KP-bilen (the KP-car)
or Likkistan (the coffin, which it really resembles).
The model is scratch built on an Esci Opel Blitz chassie.

Stockholm June 12 1998