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An 1/144 scale Air terminal

Last call for flight to New York.
(Model finished 2016)

I wanted an air terminal to use as a backdrop for taking pictures and was looking at buildings for model rail-road but as the N-scale is 1/160 here in Europe they tend to look small with 1/144 planes.
I learned that in Japan the N-scale is 1/150 so I started to look for suitable houses to use. I bought an official office building and a school house that I though could be combined.

As it turned out the housed was partly pre-built. The school house vas made up of modules and that helped me a lot.

I covered the brick pattern on the office house with thin plastic card.

I built the school house as two pieces of two stored houses instead of the large three store house on the box top.

I placed the school building on both sides of the office building and built the control tower out of leftover parts from the school building.

The result is an air terminal that I think has a feel of the 1930's so I can use it for most planes.

I wanted a white building but the contrast became too hard in pictures so I repainted it.

Stockholm August 21, 2016 No updates
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