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Apollo-Soyoz docking 1/144 scale

I was finishing my entries for the IPMS open 2005 when I came to remember that it would be the 30-year anniversary of the Apollo-Soyuz docking this year. In Thursday evening I decided to build a model of this, I had a Soyuz capsule left after the Vostok build but I didn't want to waste the Apollo capsule from my Airfix Saturn V kit, so I had to scratch build it. I bent some plastic card around a broom handle and cut out a circle of plastic card as well. Those parts would be the start of my Apollo space craft. The rocket nozzle is the nose of a 1/72 V2 rocket that was left over from my Bumper conversion. I decided to make a decal of the external details instead of trying to scribe all the lines. Beside I was in a hurry. I had to finish it by Saturday morning. I also had to scratch the adapter between the Apollo and Soyuz crafts. The "wings" on the Soyuz that really is solar panels was printed out on paper and glued in place. On Saturday morning I could bring it with me to the show. I donít think that I have ever built anything that quick. The finish isn't beautiful of course, but here it is.
(Model finished 2005)

Stockholm May 15, 2005 No updates
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