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Boeing B-17G airliner

The start of the Transatlantic flights between Sweden and USA.
(Model finished 2001)

During WW2 there were many damaged planes that had to land in Sweden who were one of the neutral states during the war. AB Aerotransport (ABA) bought some B17 Flying Fortress and SAAB converted them in to a 14-seat airliner.
ABA was after the war the first European airline to land in New York with one of these planes.

The kit is a 1/144 Academy B-17G that I stripped of all armament and gave a new nose that I made of Milliput. I filled all windows and made the decals including the ones for the windows. In this scale I don't mind not having transparent windows.

Stockholm May 27, 2002 Uppdated March 1, 2019
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