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Boeing 737 Classic

Boeing 737-500 "Thor Heyerdahl" from Norwegian

This was really a major task to finish. I saw a note that a new company was going to fly in Norway and the colour scheme was interesting. I liked the red and white and the pictures of famous Norwegians on the tail was an eye catcher. I started to collect information to be able to build one and to make the necessary decals. It turned out that the first plane painted was a B737-500 that they rented while they waited for their own planes. Well I decided that I should try to be ready with my plane by the time they started with the traffic. Now my trouble started. What I could find was a 737-400 so I had to shorten the fuselage. Then I really had problems with the painting, so I had to redo it. When I was happy with the paintjob it was time for the decals.
(Model finished 2002)

Now to my horror I discovered that my plane had two emergency exits on both sides as the single ones on the real aircraft. Two options came to mind. Forget about it and have extra exits or to strip it from paint and fill the doors. I chose the latter option, knowing that I would regret it later if I didn't. So off with the paint and fill those doors and paint it all over again. So, the end of the story is: The same day as Norwegian started their service was the same day I finished my kit. I have plans for another model from Norwegian. This time a 737-300 with Sonia Henie on the fin.

Boeing 737 Next Generation

Revell 1/144 scale Boeing 737-800 was the start for these two planes.

SAS Boeing 737-800

The Revell 737-800 was built out of the box with new decals from Liveries Unlimited.

Globespan Boeing 737-600

When I saw a picture of this plane I knew that I had to build it. SAS sold a 737-600 to Globespan so it had a mix of both companies colour schemes.

I had to cut the Revell 737-800 to get a -600 then I had to make the decals for it. The grey fly-text was painted as I couldn't print grey.

It was nice of Globespan not to repaint it at once. Now I could use the same colours for both planes and paint them at the same time.

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