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Douglas DC-3

A 1/144 scale kit from Minicraft.
(Model finished 2006)

I had bought some BEA DC-3 decals to use on a Vickers Viking build but as it turned out they were to modern for the kit. I decided to get the Minicraft DC-3 and use the decals.

The build is straight out of the box without any modifications.

AB Aerotransport DC-3

This is also the Minicraft kit.
(Model finished 2006)

It has been said that it is wrong in many ways, but I didn't do anything to fix those faults. The only thing I did was to fill the passenger door and move it to the right side of the fuselage. This is not because it was wrong on the kit, it's just because this aircraft used by the Swedish airline AB Aerotransport (ABA) was of an early production where the door was placed on the right side.

I decided to build mine in the "neutrality colours" used on planes during the WW2. It had a row of lights on the top of the fuselage and was earned the nickname "the Flying christmas tree" in Scotland because of this. Two of these planes from ABA was shot down during the war.

Stockholm August 20, 2018 Updated March 03, 2019
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