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AB Aerotransport Douglas DC-6

AB Aerotransport, the Swedish part of the SAS group ordered the DC-6 from Douglas. Only one was delivered in the ABA livery, the others got the SAS livery from the start.
(Model finished 2006)

I had to shorten the DC-6B to build a plain DC-6. The kit is from Minicraft in 1/144 scale. Decals was home made.

SAS Douglas DC-6B

SAS was a loyal customer of Douglas aircrafts for a long time. All types were used from the DC-3 right up to the DC-10.
(Model finished 2006)

I want to build all of them. Some of them in the pre-SAS colours of the Swedish part of SAS, the AB Aerotransport.
Minicraft released the DC-6B with SAS decals so I just built it out of the box.

Stockholm March 31, 2006 Updated March 1, 2019
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