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Swedish submarine HMS Gotland

To be honest, I don't like to build resin kits. If I should buy one it has to be something I really want. HMS Gotland in 1/350 scale from OKB Grigorov turned out to be one of those.
(Model finished 2012)

There arenít many parts but they are very fine. There were only a few tiny air bubbles

The sail is in place. As you can see it isn't a large model.

I had absolutely no problems putting it together. Everything went together fine.

I started to paint it black but examining pictures made me change my mind.

There is a transparent opening at the rear of the sail and I decided to fix this. I sawed it open and filled it with super glue. Then I sanded it to the right shape.
Above this opening there is a box with something that I suspect is lamps. I added this from plastic card.

With the black colour on I noticed some points that needed more filing and sanding, so I decided to strip the paint and start all over.

In pictures there is a hole visible on the front of the sail, so I added this to.

While working on it I decided to add antennas and periscope so in preparation for these I drilled holes for them.
Pictures of the sub shows grey in different shades, so the removal of the black paint wasn't a big loss.

The first coat of grey with a thin coat of darker grey wash.

Next coat is a darker grey with an even darker grey misted on to it.

Some NATO black finish it off.

Removing masking tape is always nerve wrecking but the paint job didn't turn out to be a disaster this time.

With some light behind the sail the semi-transparent opening I made is visible.

0.4, 0.6, 0.8 and 1.0 mm brass tubes was used. The brass looks nice against the grey, it is almost a shame to paint them.

There were no decals in the kit so I had to add them myself.

When resin kits are this good even I can build one.

I would like to see more Swedish subs from OKB Grigorov in this scale but sadly the 350 scale has been dropped. But I could use another one of this kit.

HMS Gotland is named after the province Gotland in Sweden.

HMS Gotland isn't big compared to the USS Greeneville or the HMS Astute.

Stockholm November 24, 2012 Updated August 27, 2020
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