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HMS Astute

The Royal Navy HMS Astute in 1/350 from HobbyBoss.
(Model finished 2014)

I built this out of the box just replacing the stand.

A rather trouble-free build. The only problem was the decals that would break in pieces.

HMS Trenchant

I had an Airfix Trafalgar class submarine in the stash.
(Model finished 2019)

When I saw some pictures of HMS Trenchant in the experimental camouflage she had for a couple of weeks I decided to build it, but when I had painted it I wasn't happy with the result.
There was almost no difference between the black and the grey and I also got the camouflage pattern wrong in several places so the sub got a shower and was repainted.

In the end it got finished.

I can't say that my second try to paint it differ much from the first, but it is different compared to my other submarines.

HMS Swiftsure

I got a second trafalgar kit and immediately let the saw work on it.
(Model finished 2019)

The hull got 7 mm shorter and the side rudder was cut down 5 mm.

I am building it as a Swiftsure class submarine, the predecessor of the Trafalgar class. The Swiftsure's had double vents on the hull so I had to add those. But I'm not happy with the result.

Lets call it finished.

I tried oil colours to get some variations in the paint job. it look awful in the pictures but not so bad in the real life.

I find the Airfix stand awful. I need to buy some oak for a new stand.

HMS Trenchant and HMS Swiftsure together.

Stockholm May 11, 2014 Updated March 25, 2019
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