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Swedish submarine HMS Södermanland.

After finishing the HMS Gotland in 1/350 from OKB Grigorov I started a search for the other Swedish submarine that have been made as a model. it is HMS Västergötland from Sea Wolf. It took me a couple of years but finally I got one.
(Model finished 2016)

Two of the submarines in the Västergötland class got modified with Stirling engines and I wanted to build one. I was lucky to find a second kit and could start on one. Just like the real submarine I cut it in half and added a piece in between. I found a plastic tube in the right size and added some plastic card.

This conversion fought me. After all the work with putty and sanding was done I managed to break it so I had to glue it together again and start all over.

To finish it I had to make a similar propeller as on the HMS Gotland. (I made it from plastic card and the tip of an aircraft missile).

HMS Södermanland is named after the province Södermanland in Sweden.

Stockholm December 9, 2017 Updated August 27, 2020
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