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BEA Vickers Viking 1949

It's funny how inspiration for some models is found. When I helped my sister to throw out an old vinyl floor from her house, I found some old newspapers that been used for insulation. I had a brief look in one of them and found an ad from BEA. It sad: Fly to London in the Vickers Viking, it was printed in 1949.
(Model finished 2002)

Well as my sister's nickname is Bea i decided that I should build one. At one trip to the IPMS UK Nationals I had a chat with the people at Welsh models, they said that some people had used the decals for a BEA DC-3 for their Viking so I got a set. Before I was ready with the kit a set of BEA decals was released for the Viking so I got that to.

Then I realized that the plane I wanted to build was in a earlier scheme so I had to make new decals. Thanks to Bill M. who pointed out some errors I was doing I now have a plane in the 1949 livery. The kit is a 1/144 scale vac kit from Welsh models.

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